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Drinking from a box of wine reminds me of when my mother’s best friend used to babysit me. I loved Mrs. Kitty.  With her waist length blond hair from a bottle, sparkling blue eyes, and relaxed drawl she captivated my young imagination.

Mrs. Kitty and I would sit on her white rattan patio set and watch the ducks swim by on the lake.  She would make Shirley Temple’s for me and then fix herself an adult drink.

Her drink of choice was white zinfandel from a box with a spigot.  By adding a juicy strawberry to the bottom of her crystal goblet, that extra touch of fanciness won her a special place in my heart forever.

She would twirl her hair around a perfect hot pink nail while she spun stories of drug deals gone wrong in New Orleans.  Those were her wild and crazy days, before she met her husband, and settled down at the ripe old age of nineteen.

Wine Cube Vinters Red Wine Review When I became a moody teenager Mrs. Kitty would call me when she needed a babysitter.  I would come over early and we’d sit on her porch.  She would give me boyfriend advice, show me her latest QVC purchases, and instead of a Shirley Temple I would get a glass of her beloved white zinfandel to drink with her before she left on a date with Mr. Kitty.

A box o’ wine still holds a special place in my heart right next to Mrs. Kitty, even though I usually prefer my vino out of a glass bottle.

I trolled the aisles of Target on a random Saturday looking for light bulbs, washcloths, and other boring but necessary household items, and lo and behold, I ended up in the wine aisle.  After taking care of my errands, I wanted to sit on my couch in the dark with sushi and wine.  But, I really didn’t want to open a bottle of wine.  I could easily drink two to three glasses but six glasses would be a tad too much alone.

Wine Cube Vinter’s Red Wine Review

So I spotted a juice box sized carton of wine, next to the big boxes of wine.  Target’s Wine Cube Vinter’s Red Table Wine a 500 ml carton with a plastic screw top is supposed to equal three 5.5 ounce glasses of wine.

Wine Cube Vinter’s Red Table Wine is marketed as an easygoing blend of cherry, berry, and plum flavors finished with oak and spices.  When you want to be alone on your couch and eat ridiculous amounts of raw sushi you need an easy wine.  No fifteen dollar bottles here please.  This baby retails for less than a fiver. 

So I sat down to watch Filth, yes that’s the name of the movie with the delicious Scot James McAvoy.  Filth is based on the novel by “Trainspotting” author Irvine Welsh.  If you like surreal, whacked out stories, that leave you begging for the anti-hero to have one redeeming quality (like I do) then this is for you.

This isn’t the James McAvoy from Atonement or X-Men, get that man out of your head – right now. In this movie, he’s painful to watch.  He’s a bully, amped up on cocaine, and downright nasty.  I didn’t think he had it in him.  But be warned this movie will make you wince as you watch corrupt Bruce Robertson lose his grip on reality, but it makes for great entertainment.

Anyways back to the wine.  I was expecting weak watery cherry colored juice when I poured it into my glass.  Instead, I was pleasantly surprised at the deep cranberry color wine with sturdy legs when swirled.

The initial aroma hits you hard, there is a lot of alcohol on the nose.  After ten minutes it becomes fruity and woody on the nose.  You can smell the toasted oak with sweet plum, followed by bits of thyme.

The blend is zinfandel, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.  I tasted a lot of zinfandel followed by Merlot.  The Cabernet rounds it out and keeps it from becoming overly sweet.

This one is very cherry wine that has a rich mouth feel and ends with big wallop of spice and smoke.  It’s not lightweight by any means.  For five bucks and a happy memory you can’t beat it.

I recommend Wine Cube Vinter’s Red Table Wine with a big fat juicy bacon cheeseburger or spicy tuna and eel sushi rolls.

Wine Cube is bottled by Trinchero family estates in California from Target.  It’s definitely worth it when you want wine and you don’t have a corkscrew. 

Also keep this wine in mind when want something to drink at the movies other than a 52 ounce Cherry Coke.  Stick it in your purse and take it to go.  That juicy sweet finish will go great with popcorn, pretzels, and even suspect movie hot dogs.

My recommendation: Wine Cube Vinter’s Red Table Wine drink it like soda.  But don’t actually ever drink soda.  You know what I mean, drink it a lot.

About the Author Alexandra Andersen

I founded Wine & Drama to make you laugh and help you learn all about wine, food, and living well. I love stinky cheese, my Nespresso machine, Loire Valley white wines, bold full-bodied reds, and championing ladies in winemaking.

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