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Fancy Pants Red Wine Review
Normally I’m not a fan of invites by text message. So when my friend Kelsey texted, “Wanna party?”

I responded with, “If by party, you mean drink wine and watch Sherlock, then yes.”

Her answer, “That’s the only party I’m ever interested in.”

This is why we’re friends.

Later that night she appeared with two bottles of wine, a small platter of chorizo and Manchego cheese smothered in a red pepper sauce, and her husband in tow. He came complete his own personal bottle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon and a shot glass.

It’s also why I accept text invites from Kelsey. Plus, I like a husband who comes to a lady party prepared with his own hooch.

Tim grumbled slightly, “Is this show Sherlock going to be any good?” We both gave him matching incredulous stares.

“It’s by Steven Moffat. Of course.” She smirked and I joined her with a ‘silly man how dare ye’ head-shake.

Steven Moffat, in case you aren’t acquainted, is now the executive producer and lead writer of Dr. Who. Since the three of us are rabid Dr. Who fans, Tim gave a small relieved smile.

“Oh. Okay, then it should be good. Is it set in the 1800’s?”
Sherlock BBC Benedict Cumberbatch
“No, no flouncy skirts tonight Tim.” I cheerfully removed the cork from the Fancy Pants California vintage 2010 wine bottle.

“Oh, even better. I thought it was one your period shows.”

By ‘your’ he means Kelsey and I. We’ve been known on occasion to torture him slightly with Jane Austen. But that’s another wine review.

We opened both bottles of Stark Raving Malbec and Fancy Pants Red Wine at the same time.

We waited around fifteen minutes before downing Stark Raving. It gave our Fancy Pants Red Wine time to breathe and get ready to meet its final resting place in my belly.

I love the gorgeous label on this wine; I normally pick wines based off of labels, as does Kelsey. Yes, it’s slightly shameful but appearances do matter.

Make your label pretty and I’ll pick it up. No design equals no sale.

I love their tagline, ‘I Wear the Pants.’ Yes I do. Which probably explains my off-again / on-again relationship status of late, but I digress.

Letting Fancy Pant Red Wine air out is the trick to getting the maximum flavor out of this wine. Open it at least an hour before you’re going to drink it. Let it relax and it will give your taste buds a dance.

This wine has decent legs and is deep ruby in color with translucent fuchsia edges. It has a nice rounded full-mouth feel. You can sip on it alone without food in the bath or drink it with chorizo.

Even though this is a dry wine the taste reminded me of a Cadbury fruit and nut chocolate bar.

It’s full of an almost sweet raisin and cherry jam flavor in the beginning mixed with almond and chocolate notes. The finish is silky soft with a tiny hit of nutmeg and vanilla at the end.

I cannot find a link on this wine to save my life. There’s no website listed on the label. Just that it hails from a nameless premier California vineyard. It’s vinted and bottled by Fancy Pants Wines in St. Helena, Napa County.

Also they don’t tell you grapes used, which annoyed me slightly. Because I like to know what I’m drinking, but I’m guessing Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, definitely Merlot, and maybe Petite Sirah.

You can put on your yoga pants and find Fancy Pants at Target for around $12. It’s very good stuff.

Wine & Drama approved. Drink it nightly.

About the Author Alexandra Andersen

I founded Wine & Drama to make you laugh and help you learn all about wine, food, and living well. I love stinky cheese, my Nespresso machine, Loire Valley white wines, bold full-bodied reds, and championing ladies in winemaking.

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