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How to Stop Having a Negative Attitude or Being an Emotional Terrorist

I’m guilty of this myself so I know emotional terrorism very well. There are times that if I’m in a bad mood – ain’t nobody else gonna be in a good mood either.

Then you finally realize you can’t play Jedi mind-tricks with your loved ones. Because that’s going to lead to you being alone on Friday night when you’re looking for company to watch Star Trek and have hot-fudge sundaes with.

Stop Having a Negative Attitude
If you aren’t happy, here’s the one simple question you need to ask yourself before you go ballistic and rip your man and everyone else you come in contact with a new asshole:

Do you have the power to control it?

Yes? Then fix it or put a pin in it until you can deal with the issue properly. Don’t emotionally vomit the problem out by flying into a rage, being moody, or acting like a manipulative shrew.

No? Then let it go. I’m not saying simply forget about it but very few things are out of your control. If you can’t control it then let it go for now, change your negative attitude, and address the problem when you can handle it properly.

Don’t let it color your relationships.

There’s a difference between sharing and emotional terrorism. Friends share. Emotional terrorists’ bomb. Don’t blow up everyone you come in contact with when you’re angry or upset.

This also stops all that nasty cortisol from flooding your system and unleashing those horrible stress hormones. Not unleashing your anger when you’re upset helps keep your mind and body in balance.

Remember stress kills and causes wrinkles. You want to be alive and wrinkle-free.

By the way, your “boyfriend” wanted me to tell you: “I love you.”

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