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“Are we having drinks or DRANKS? I need to dress accordingly,”

I texted my cousin. I was looking forward to our Zoom Friday night happy hour call.

“DRANKS” she responded.

Fabulous. That’s exactly what I wanted to know.

I put on makeup and bronzed my cheeks with emphasis. Because Quarantine snacking has got the better of me and I need to create the illusion of cheekbones.

If you’re a lady over 35 reading this…

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that 85% of the time you could care less about makeup and looking “snatched” and the other 15% of the time you want to look like a mix of Halle Berry and Charlize Theron.

For me there are no in-between days it’s either full-on homeless chic or classy Vegas escort.

I love makeup. When I say I love it, believe me.

Eyeliner is my favorite. It’s amazing what you can do after you’ve watched several Millennial YouTube makeup tutorials. Thank you for sharp eyeliner and a steady hand. Praise Be.

My go-to eyeliner is Pat McGrath Labs Permagel Ultra Glide Xtreme Black eye pencil. You’ll have to pry it out of my cold dead hands.

Mama Pat knows how to make an eyeliner for us olive-skinned girls.

For my deep-colored sister get this and you can thank me later. Pair this with her Extreme Eye Mascara and you’ll never need fake eyelashes again.

If you’re my light or alabaster sister then get this in Shade (a cool taupe)or Black Coffee which is a beautiful espresso brown that’s sure to look lovely on lighter skin tones.

I. Love. This. Eyeliner. I buy these two at a time. It’s pricey but worth it.

Right now I have four of them. One in my purse, in my bathroom, in my office, and my travel make-up bag. Which sadly is never being used this year until the world opens back up properly.

Discover Petite Petit Wine Review and Read About Michael David Petite Petit Wine Review

I’m the Ringleader of This Circus – Petite Petit Wine Review

When I was getting ready for my cousin’s date, I popped open a bottle of Michael David’s Petite Petit Wine 2017 and drew on my eyeliner nice and thick.

Unfortunately there’s nothing minimal about me. But someone has got to be a little too much, why not me?

The winery name Michael David makes me laugh because every man in my family across the current three generations are named Michael or David (and many past) or some combination.

Michael David Winery Petite Petit 2017 is part of the Freakshow brand ($17 a bottle). Which is his everyday brand. As you know I’m a label snob, it’s not right by any means. It’s just what is.

I love this label.

So, as I was hacking some semblance of order into my hair realizing I need a dye job badly…

I took a huge gulp of Petite Petit wine and prayed I wouldn’t fry my hair with the curling iron since I haven’t used it in about four months.

Like elephants on parade and the circus monkey clanging its cymbals this wine is an insane party in your mouth every time.

Remember when you would go to the fair as a kid with your friends and your parents?

You’d always beg your parents to let you wander off with your friends and then meet back up together at a certain time. How dangerous was that? You didn’t know if some weirdo operating the Spin-a-Tron was going to make eyes at you or if a demented clown would attack you.

Anyways I digress…back to Petite Petit wine.

It’s a bold blend of 85% Petite Sirah and 15% Petit Verdot made in Lodi, California. It’s rich, jammy, and juicy. I love the toasted bourbonesque notes of oak and vanilla on the velvet finish.

Upfront it’s all seedless blackberry jam, black currant, and boysenberry. There’s a little bit of sharpness with dried fig and dried cherries with nice chewy tannins. This wine is pleasing and delightful.

If your spouse is annoying you, just drink this, and you’ll forget why you have to show him where the can opener lives for the tenth time.

It scored 90 points from Wine Enthusiast and was the editors’ choice. But it was my choice long before the official peeps got onboard.

This wine is heady, you can get lost in it, and blitzed at 14.5% alcohol.

I enjoy it paired with truffle salami and Red Fox Cheese by Belton Farm. If you haven’t tried Red Fox get it. It’s an aged English Red Leicester which makes it like a cheddar (yet I wouldn’t call it that).

But holy crap it’s intense, sharp, and almost fudgelike on the palate with a surprising crunch. I think I need to write about it separately.

As I settled in for a night on my patio of talking trash with my cousin via Zoom and drinking my Petite Petit wine, I was happy I did my make-up and dressed accordingly for our DRANKS.

Now get yourself some Petite Petit wine because I think I’m going to make it the official mascot wine of Wine & Drama. It certainly is approved for life!

If you want a bottle of Petite Petit to magically appear at your doorstep by a cute guy or girl then check out my pals at Drizly. They’re giving you $5 off your first order! (You only have to buy $20 worth of wine to get $5 off!)

Draw on your eyebrows lady and call someone that you would love to drink Petite Petit with this weekend!
Discover Petite Petit Wine Review and Read About Michael David Petite Petit Wine Review


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