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Now as you probably know, there’s nothing like extra virgin olive oil.

Super-healthy… Delicious… Made by the Italian Mafia…

“Wait? The Italian Mafia?!? What’s that got to do with anything?”

That was my reaction when I first read all about the olive oil industry in the NY Times.

Turns out, many producers literally smuggle olive oil into Italy… cut it with cheap, refined vegetable oil… toss in some food coloring… and sell it to you as “pure” and “unadulterated” EVOO (from Italy at that)! But it’s really fake olive oil.

Members of the Italian Mob regularly bribe government officials to keep it all “hidden”.

In fact, investigators uncovered that 69% of all EVOO sold in stores is FAKE!

It’s all a big scam. Here’s how to know for sure what’s real

So what’s this all about?

Well — my friend John Cawrse has uncovered some “troubling” facts about cooking oil after a chance encounter with an artisan oil maker from New Zealand.

I’ll tell you more about John in a moment.

You’ve probably heard about how vegetable oil doesn’t have any “bad fats” in it.

You may have also heard how nut and seed oils are full of “good fats”. And how all EVOO is “healthy for you”.

But are any of these “facts” true?

Here’s the surprising thing. They’re all FALSE! Before you drip even a single drop of oil onto your food, you have to read this

John is a die-hard old-school surfer from California. He now lives in Mexico and is a huge foodie like me.

He’s obsessed with searching the world and sharing unique, healthy, and artisan foods with folks just like you. I love John’s secret food finds.

John is currently accepting a small group of new members into his exclusive, Premium Avocado Oil Club. So be sure you read (and act on) this information right away.


Alexandra “Just say NO to fake food” Andersen

PS: Did you know that most cooking oil contains up to 1% toxins?

Find out more here…

PPS: Remember, this special invitation ends soon. So be sure to act soon.

Is Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fake?

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