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This is going to be a little trip down memory lane…

When I was young I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

No, questions. I just knew.

There was never a doubt in my mind that I was going to be a fashion designer.

That’s right, a Pomerol swirling, martini drinking, Chateau hopping, Harrods shopping #glamourousAF fashion designer.

I drew fashion designs from the time I was seven years old. My many sketchbooks held my clothing collections, there was the summer resort wear, fall, my holiday extravaganza, and I was deadly serious about it all.

I preferred to draw using charcoal, colored pencils, and pastels. Drawing in those mediums were like breathing air for me.

I knew my path. In elementary (aka primary) school I was enrolled in gifted art classes and I excelled. I was the teacher’s pet and I loved it.

I read every expired issue of Harper’s Bazaar and Elle magazine my mom would bring home from her office.

One of my favorite aunties who was an artist in her own right, sold paintings at galleries, designed her dresses, and even sewed them. (In fact, every woman on my mother’s side knows to how to sow everything from shorts to wedding dresses).

As young adult she smuggled Vogue and Glamour magazines into my grandparent’s home that were viewed as slightly scandalous and she let me read them before bed.

My aunt taught me how to draw in perspective, use light and shadow, how to drape fabric on a mannequin, and how to paint in oils.

She even taught me how to apply eye shadow in a perfect contoured three-step process of lid, contour, and highlight.  How to gently apply while smiling the right amount of blusher, and how to always pick the right earrings for any outfit.

Bury It Once, If It Surfaces Then Bury It Again…

But, there was a small snag in the delicate silk fabric of my childhood…

…There was no way my strict Greek immigrant father was going to allow me to be a fashion designer. He being of a different mindset and generation viewed fashion designers as degenerate time wasters. He said, “You’ll be hooked on the drugs and your life ruined. According to my Bahamian immigrant mother, “I’d end up pregnant and disgraced.” No, they weren’t dramatic at all.

Then thinking they were right and I was the crazy one…

…I let the self-destructive thoughts of I’m not good enough to run wild through my head.

So, I crushed it down and buried my natural talent even after I got accepted to Parsons School of Design.

You know, what I did instead? I became a licensed stockbroker. Fun, right?

But my creativity would not stay buried in its pretty box tied up with a big black satin bow. It. Had. To. Get. Out.

Then something happened.

I hated my life.

You can only live a life that doesn’t fit you for so long before you slowly self-destruct or start to go mad.

Wine and Drama Born Drunk, Pissed Off, Kicking, and Screaming

I turned my life upside down, went bankrupt, got a divorce, released 130 pounds, started my successful online design and marketing business, purchased and designed my dream home, and became everything I ever wanted.

I was now Alexandra 2.0.

After all, aren’t we the lead actors in our own life? Why play the supporting character role?

If you wanted a fabulous party, I was the hostess with the mostess. Dinner party on steroids, yes you sexy beast you shall have it.

Nigella and Ina were my aunties.

I worshiped at the altar of Martha Stewart. Even when the grand dame became an O.G. I was still loyal. Martha, I’d never talk behind your back.

My role models wore popped collars and pearls and I did too with my Tom Ford sunglasses while blasting, “Move Bitch,” by Ludacris.

I created, I planned, except now it was decorating the perfect kitchen, cooking the most excellent Beef Bourguignon that Julia Child would be proud of. Perfecting my cat eyeliner and matching my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick to nothing.

But still, something inside me said, “Yo, mama we want to GET OUT.”

At first, it whispered, “Excuse me, mummy may we have a chat?” But I wasn’t listening so it went a little more street.

I woke up one morning with the idea of Wine & Drama fully formed in my mind after drinking a bottle of Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon with my bestie the night before.

GD, that’s great wine.  I know some people feel it’s overblown but I enjoy the taste of rich juicy plums with dark chocolate and rich tannins on the finish.

Ultimately it was going to lead to my wine label (that’s coming), an apparel and accessories line, and a place to chat about wine, style, food, travel, and relationships with my snark. I know no other way to talk.

It started as a Facebook page and then I created a blog…slowly it grew into what it’s becoming today and like that infomercial at 3AM, “But wait there’s more…”

The first of many Wine & Drama graphics
The first viral Wine & Drama graphic

Wine & Drama is a two-part lifestyle project on the things I enjoy the most it’s my perspectives on wine, food, and style.

I create and geek out over every single original graphic here, all artwork and designs are mine unless specifically noted.

By now you know I love art, food, style, and stories about modern love and relationships.

Wine & Drama apparel is inspired by wine lifestyle, hi-low style (Gucci meets Target) while retaining the GenX ideals that I hold dear.

Coming of age in the 1990’s I distinctly remember a time when you had to tune in to know what was going on.

Now a bit older, way more stylish, and a whole lot braver and wiser. I wanted to create a stylish leisurewear and accessories line for ladies (and gents) who love wine.

You need something stylish to wear and lots of laughter but I’m not the type of person that has a “Live, Love, & Laughter,” sign…that doesn’t go with my vibe. Please take that outside and burn it.

Today I’m proud to announce the grand opening of Shop Wine & Drama, it’s been a baby that’s refused to come easily.

I hope you find something that puts a smile on your face and makes you feel good no matter what’s going on in the world.

Thank you for being a part of my new family of fabulous ladies and gents who love wine and living stylishly in your yoga pants.

Discover Shop Wine & Drama
Discover Shop Wine & Drama

About the Author Alexandra Andersen

I founded Wine & Drama to make you laugh and help you learn all about wine, food, and living well. I love stinky cheese, my Nespresso machine, Loire Valley white wines, bold full-bodied reds, and championing ladies in winemaking.

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