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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Mom's Who Love Wine
If you’re old enough to read this, then take the time to discover these fabulous mother’s day gift ideas for every type of wine loving mama from glam mom’s to helicopter moms.

She brought you into this world at the cost of her once-flat stomach and has had to endure your assorted nonsense and foolishness for (at least) a couple of decades.

Show your mama some real love. Say, “Thanks for making me. I love and appreciate you.”

That’s secretly all she really wants.

Well that and for your dad to stop leaving his clothes on the bedroom floor in a pile (as if the laundry fairy magically comes once a week).

If you live in the States, Mother’s Day is celebrated the second Sunday in May. It’s an interesting time where children often pretend to be the good people their mothers hope they raised.

If you’re a daughter, maybe with a family of your own, odds are you’ve already declared a truce with your mother. You realize she’s not your nemesis, plotting to ground you until you’re 55 (or so).

You understand where her discipline was coming from. In fact, I bet you’ve apologized to your mom for all the eye-rolling and door-slamming dramatics you put her through.

Don’t give her an empty, “I’m sorry for being a brat.”

Make it count, Michelle! Give her a wonderful gift to back up those words. Put your money where your mouth is and do it right.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Money Can’t Buy

Here’s three of the precious (brownie point-earning) gifts (that don’t cost a thing) you can give your mother on Mother’s Day:

1) Leave her alone. If you insist on making her breakfast or taking her to an amazing brunch, then do it. But for crying out loud, give the woman three mimosas, drive her home, and leave her alone for the rest of the day. All she really wants is no one to talk or look at her for several hours.

2) Be kind to your siblings. Contrary to what you believe, your mother does not enjoy hearing you moaning and whining about your siblings. You’re all equally annoying to her. What exactly is your sister doing to you that you (as a grown lady) needs to screenshot and share with your mom?

She might pretend she’s concerned about your petty squabbles, but all your mother wants for Mother’s Day is for her children to shut up and play nice. In case you forgot, see gift idea number one.

3) Give her something thoughtful. I know your mother will probably say, “Your love is enough for me.” But come on! When does anyone (including your mom) not enjoy receiving a kick-ass gift?

The gift your mom really wants on Mother’s Day is to tell her sister that her children are the most thoughtful, gracious, smart, and funny human beings on the planet who know exactly what she likes. It will make Aunt Sheila’s gift from your cousin Taylor look like a piece of cheap garbage.

Now that we’ve established that your Mum wants a proper gift…

I need to know what kind of Mum you have to help you look like the superstar she thinks you are.

So, I’ve created several Mom archetypes and done all the hard work for you.

Simply find out what category your mom fits and discover the Mother’s day gift ideas right for her.

Most of the links in this post are my referral links as mentioned before. I just like to be up front with you, even though none of items or wines I mentioned are sponsored. I’ve purchase everything myself.

If your mother is a mix of one or more categories, then get her one Mother’s Day gift idea from each category listed. Don’t be cheap spawn.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Type of Mama

Do You Have a Glam Mom?

funny mothers day quotes

This is the type of mother I grew up with. Even if my mom was just going to the grocery store, she never left the house without make-up and her hair done.

The glam mom’s mantra is, “The worse you feel, the better you need to look.”

Now go put on more moisturizer, bronzer, and lip gloss right now. This mom will never be a soccer mom.

Of course she’s proud of you and loves you, but she wasn’t one to freely lavish praise. You probably never heard, “You’re a wonderful, special child.” That just didn’t happen on the daily. You better have done something spectacular to earn a loving pat on the arm once a year.

This type of mother appreciates the finer things in life and no, she most certainly doesn’t want you touching them.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Glam Mom:

    • The Prisoner 2019, The Prisoner Wine Company, $55 – This almost-iconic wine will have her swooning and showing it off to your aunt. The blend features: Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Shiraz, Petite Sirah, Charbono, and Bonarda. It’s full of dark cherry, blueberries, pomegranate, raspberry, clove, mocha, mace, black pepper, torched figs, vanilla, cedar, and smoked oak.
    • Chateau Guiraud 2016 Sauternes (375ML half-bottle), $25 – It’s full of pineapple, candied lemon, saffron, honey, pear, melon, vanilla, oak, and minerals. This rich, sweet late harvest white wine made from noble rot Semillon grapes is a decadent treat. Bring her a good blue cheese with a baguette or a cheesecake (no chocolate) and you’ve just given her the dinner of her dreams. She’ll sip it in a tiny glass and relish it long after Mother’s Day is over.

Chateau Guiraud Sauternes

  • Luxury Chocolates – You know your glam mom loves good chocolate. Give her these luxe Godiva chocolate truffles and she’ll schedule you in her planner for lunch next week. Don’t ask her for any of them.
  • Perfume – Every glam mom has her favorite perfume, but if she’s open to trying something new these two classic perfumes from Thierry Mugler hit all the right notes. Any woman can wear them. If your mom loves more floral scents get her Alien. It’s ripe with orange blossom, amber, green notes, and vanilla. If she prefers dark sultry scents full of vanilla, sandalwood, and stone fruits get her Angel. I guarantee you’ll want to steal them for yourself.

Do You Have a Yoga-Loving-Wanna-Be-Hippie-Granola-Eating-Loves-Everybody Mom?

This is the type of mom who loves nothing more than to go to yoga or Pilates every single day. She can find her center in the middle of three children having a meltdown.

Your mom wants to be a full-blown hippie but her OCD would never allow for that. She needs everything in its place. She’s nurturing yet firm. She’s the kind of mom that will make you brownies and then practice her standing-tree position in the kitchen.
Do You Have a Yoga Loving Mom Who Likes to Drink Wine?

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Yoga Loving Wanna Be Hippie Mom:

  • Domane Wachau Federspiel Terrassen Gruner Veltliner 2019, $18 is one of my personal favorites. This Gruner Veltliner can be a gorgeous substitute for lots of different lighter bodied white wines like Riesling, Pinot Grigio, or Sauvignon Blanc. It’s dry and full of lime, peaches, pears, and zesty herbalness. Your mom will find “Serenity now,” as she sips this delightful wine.

Let’s be real, you know your yoga mom probably enjoys a good piece of Mahi, or blackened salmon, and this wine pairs nicely with seafood, poultry, or a chopped salad.

Namaste Home and Drink Wine Yoga T-shirt
Namaste Home and Drink Wine T-shirt

Do You Have a Hostess-with-the-Mostess Type of Mom?

This mom is a mix of Martha Stewart, Oprah, Ina Garten, and Nigella Lawson. She’s glam, yet enjoys throwing fabulous dinner parties that she cooks herself while drinking heavily.

If I had children, this is the type of mom I’d be. She loves you to death but don’t cross her. She’s a chic blend of a little bit terrifying, the perfect dinner party hostess, an excellent cook, and always gives you practical advice.

Most importantly she does not want you touching her things. You know your mom’s house runs like a well ordered ship. Don’t you dare be late for dinner.

You can borrow her “good” jewelry once a year, but throw her a brunch you cooked from scratch and she’s putty in your hands…don’t forget to place a glass of Piper Hiedsieck Champagne in her well-manicured hand.
Do You Have a Hostess with the Mostess Type of Mom?

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Hostess with the Mostess Type of Mom:

    • Rodney Strong Alexander Valley Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, $22,– this complex Cabernet Sauvignon brings the soiree with cassis, violet, caramel, espresso, a solid touch of oak and lots of dark ripe berries. Let this aerate for at least an hour before drinking and a world of flavor will open up. She’ll love you for bringing her this wine.

Ruinart Blanc de Blanc Champagne, Sillery and Brimont, Champagne, France

Do You Have a Neurotic Helicopter Type of Mom?

Poor thing. You’re probably her only child and the sun rises and sets on you. You’ve got a lot to live up to…it’s not like she’s going to get grandchildren from anyone else. Good luck with that.

Your helicopter mom means well, but all she really desires from you is time and attention. Bring her a bottle of wine, two glasses, and ask her to tell you about the happiest days of her life. No doubt you’ll be on that list. It’s a win-win.
Do You Have a Neurotic Helicopter Mom?

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Neurotic Helicopter Type of Mom:

  • Tait, The Ball Buster, Barossa Valley, 2017, $22, made from Shiraz (75%), Merlot (13%), and Cabernet Sauvignon (12%) is an excellent rich bold wine. This full-bodied wine is packed with blackcurrant, plums, cherries, cola, and dark chocolate. It has a sweet long finish and she’ll laugh at the name.
  • Poema Cava Extra Dry, Penedes, Spain $13, Cava is less sweet than Prosecco but not as nutty as Champagne. This lush bubbly made from traditional blend of Macabeo, Xarel-lo and Parellada grapes grown in the Penedes valley. It’s crisp and perfect for rich fatty dishes. Cava is often looked at as a forgotten bubbly, but closer to Champagne in terms of it’s flavor profile and way more affordable.
  • Personalized stationary
  • A gift certificate to the Container store, having everything well-ordered and in its place is non-negotiable.
  • A framed picture of you and your mom.
  • Dyson slim vacuum – you’re not being patronizing, she’ll actually love this.

Do you have a Rainbows-and-Unicorns Type of Mom?

She’s the perpetual optimist. Your mom finds the bright side in any situation, and it can get annoying. She refuses to be negative, yet knows what’s going on…she just prefers to look at life through her experienced rose-colored glasses.

All your mom really wants is for you to make a thoughtful brunch for her, spend an hour or two, and then leave her alone.

She devoted massive amounts of time and energy convincing you during your teenage and angst-ridden twenties everything was going to be alright. Now, she’s exhausted. Go away and don’t ask her any questions today.
Do You Have a Smother Mother?

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Rainbows-and-Unicorns Type of Mom:

    • Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore, (non-vintage) Veneto, Italy, $19 – Prosecco is made from Glera grapes found in Veneto region of Italy. Good Prosecco starts around $12 and is fruitier, lighter, and often sweeter than Champagne. The flavor profile is made up of grapefruit, green apples, pears, white flowers, cream, and hazelnuts.Always choose Prosecco with DOCG designations (DOCG means higher quality ratings than DOC) from the region Conegliano Valdobbiadene or Colli Asolani.
    • Cleto Chiarli Lambrusco del Fondatore 2018, Emilia Romagna, Italy, $19 – Lambrusco, is one of those wines that makes you look twice. It’s a semi-sweet lighter sparkling red wine with flavors of strawberry, cherry preserves, raspberry, and Turkish delight (rose flavored candy). The sweeter styles are Semisecco, Amabile, or Dolce (the sweetest). Lambrusco also pairs nicely with gummi bears or milk chocolate.

Mama Needs Wine T-Shirt

  • Rosé Wine, you could buy her Miraval Rose ($18 for a half bottle) that’s the wine produced by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt along with the Perrin family. But why choose a celebrity wine, don’t they have enough dollars? Miraval’s good but your only getting half a bottle, let’s get your mom something a little more special shall we?Try Jansz Premium NV Rosé Sparkling Wine, Tamar Valley, Tasmania, Australia, $29 is an elegant fruity yet dry wine pale salmon colored sparkling wine. It’s made from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier, with notes of strawberry, minerals, toasted biscuits, and hints of peach.This wine is a fantastic value and made in the traditional méthod champenoise and rests on the lees (these are the leftover yeast particles from fermentation that give sparkling wines add creaminess and additional flavor nuances) for about 36 months.
  • A gift card to Amazon
  • A massage gift card
  • Body scrub & lotion set
  • Mama Needs Wine t-shirt
  • Any wine loving t-shirt from Shop Wine & Drama

Now start clicking above and get your mom a real gift for Mother’s Day this year.

By the way click here for funny mother’s day quotes.
Come On You Know You Have a Cool Mom

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