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What’s a girl to wear on a plane – when all you really want to do is jet-set around the globe without losing your sanity while hopping time zones and continents?

Plan ahead, Sally and get comfortable. There’s nothing worse than traveling in shoes or an outfit that makes you that makes you want to scream.

But let’s not get sloppy, alrighty? I know you want to comfortable in your travel outfit, but that doesn’t mean you have to bring the frump or the bedhead.

Today, I’m going to share with you my tips and tricks for what to wear on a plane and my must-have items when traveling.

Now my real problem when traveling is I tend to overpack. Even if I’m going on a weekend trip, I’ll bring 6 different outfits. Not good.

When I was getting ready to spend the summer in Greece – my dad, my uncle, and my aunt all kept repeating the same mantra, “Don’t overpack. Bring less than you think you’ll need. It’s hot, you won’t be wearing that many clothes. Alex, don’t get fancy.”

Ok, I get it. Keep it simple.

“What if I meet a Greek shipping magnate and he wants to take me to dinner on his yacht? I could have had us set for life if you’d only let me bring my red dress and wedges. You guys we’d be breaking plates at my second wedding his fourth. But now, now we’ve got to settle for an ocean view instead of being on the ocean.”

Thanks a lot.

I pack for comfort and style…One never knows whom one might meet (said in posh English accent).

6 Things to Wear On a Plane for Comfort & Style

So, here’s my list of 6 things you should always wear on a plane (and bring) when traveling overseas.

Don’t look like you just rolled out of bed and partied hard the night before. Put a little effort into yourself, for crying out loud:

1) Baggy pants or leggings – Think cargo pants or soft flowy pants made of jersey. A friend of mine swears by her gaucho pants for traveling ( I can’t get into them, it’s too “skort-like” for me, but maybe they’re for you) or leggings.

You want to get loose and keep your clothing loose, especially if you’re going to be on an airplane.

You don’t want the blood flow to your legs restricted. Combine that with low cabin pressure, the restrictive space of your seat, not moving around, and that’s a recipe for a blood clot. If you’ve had blood clots in the past think about wearing compression leggings to help keep swelling to a minimum.

Bonus tip: Bring baby aspirin with you and pop one or two before your flight. You’ll keep the circulation flowing.

2) Keep your goodies covered – I’m talking about your tops ladies. Get modest on a plane. If you’re wearing a tank top then bring a jacket, cardigan, hoodie, or a shawl.

Jersey, cottons, silk-blend, or modal, are all great options. Don’t wear white, go for gray or a bright color…it’s easier to hide stains and wrinkles won’t be a problem. Also don’t wear t-shirts with offensive slogans or logos. You’re going to be with the other passengers for a while, you can fly your freak flag when you’re alone.

3) Bring a Pashmina, a shawl or Turkish towel to wrap up in – because airplane blankets are gross and thin.

This Turkish towel is one of my favorites, because you can use it as a shawl or a blanket. On the beach it becomes a super absorbent towel. You can wear it as a sarong and more. Best of all it folds up uber-thin in your luggage and it’s snuggly as hell.

4) Socks & Slip-On Shoes – Ok I know you think it’s cute to travel in flip flops. But do you realize how much pressure your poor feet are under when you travel?

What if you have to sprint to catch the next leg of your flight because it’s delayed? You’re gonna lose a flip flop and injure yourself. What would your Grandma say?

I like foldable ballet flats or slip-on sneakers with memory foam, easy to slip off during security checks and when you want to get comfy when you fall asleep. I also like slip on shoes, because swollen ankles happen a lot on a plane. Get nude socks with a silicon tab the back so they don’t slip off the back of your ankle.

5) Flowy / loose long cardigan – make sure it’s cotton, modal, or something breathable. Get your layers ready. It may be hot when you get on the plane, but sooner rather than later it’s going to get artic. Prepare for the chill. Longer cardigans cover your butt and are another blanket when you get ready to pass out.

6) Deodorant and lotion are your friends – You’re literally inches away from the other person. Don’t make them suffer. Skip the perfume. Scents becomes more concentrated on a plane. Stay moisturized, ain’t nobody got time to be ashy.

If you get overwhelmed at the thought of packing here’s how I stay organized then traveling:

How to Downsize Your Handbag For Travel – 19 Items Every Woman Needs In Her Purse

Get a small cross body bag. Don’t argue, just do. I know you’re loving this right?

I know you think you can’t possibly survive without your massive tote bag but you can do this. I’ll spot you. This smaller bag will double as your handbag for sightseeing, dinner, etc. Make sure it’s a nice one.

It’s fascinating to see how much actual stuff you need versus what you don’t:

1) Wallet (Downsize your wallet too! Only carry the essential cards you’ll need, and no loose change.)
2) Cash
3) Passport – (I own this passport holder it protects my driver’s license to the world.)
4) Lip balm / lip gloss
5) Mirror / Compact
6) Tweezers (you never know when a stray hair will appear!)
7) Gum / mints
8) Keys
9) Phone
10) Headphones
11) Glasses
12) Portable Charger
13) Tampons (2)
14) Hand cream (there’s no moisture on a plane…you’re gonna get dry.)
15) Stain remover towelette – Shout it Out or TidePen
16) Tissues
17) Hair tie
18) Pen
19) Small notebook (because you never know when inspiration will hit)

29 Essential Items To Pack In Your Carry On Bag

I have a huge Tory Burch tote that’s my favorite carryon, it can expand for days.

It’s a little pricy, but you’ll have it forever. It also doubles as my weekend bag.

I won’t tell you the amount of stuff I’m able to cram in there. Let’s just say it saved me more than once on overweight luggage fees.

Here’s what I pack in my carry on bag:

1) Airborne – You need the immunity boost. Take it before your flight. Every day on your trip. And on the flight home. It’s a must do.
2) Coconut oil – Instant butter or moisturizer.
3) Evian spray – keeps your face feeling fresh, set your make-up with it, and doubles as a great way to clean your face on a plane.
4) Pack your make-up in your carryon. I always pack mine, if my luggage gets lost at least I’ve got my face.
5) Make-up remover wipes (travel size).
6) Travel size contact solution and extra contacts.
7) An extra set of underwear – Cause you never know, shit happens.
8) An extra tank top – Cause you never know when you’ll spill your third glass of wine laughing at Bridesmaids on the plane.
9) An extra pair of socks
10) Laptop & cord – I don’t have to explain this do I?
11) Tablet & charger
12) Notebook / Planner – Some things you just gotta write on paper.
13) OnGuard Beadlets – I need all the immunity boosting protection I can get…these little beads of essential oils support your immune system and even freshen your breath (no germ phobia here)
14) Travel toothbrush & mini-toothpaste
15) Tampons
16) Neck pillow – Trust me on this. You’ll only think you look silly. Your neck with thank you.
17) Eye mask – Yes, get it.
18) Dark chocolate – Chocolove with cherries and almonds is one of my favorites.
19) Almonds (contain Melatonin) or cashews (contain Serotonin) – you’ll feel better after eating them
20) Ginger tea bags – in case of upset stomach
21) Melatonin – If you’re anything like me, it never fails the first night I’m in a new hotel or place I can’t sleep. This helps me fall asleep naturally every time.
22) Napkins
23) Baby carrots
24) Cheese (cubed or sliced)
25) Organic beef jerky – I like Epic Bison Bacon Bites– try it you’ll be surprised, it’s softer than regular beef jerky.
26) Animal Crackers (cause they’re tasty and calm little & big people down.)
27) Hand sanitizer / Wet wipes
28) Headphones splitter, because you never know when you both want to watch the same movie on your tablet.
29) Get your playlist sorted and movies download on your devices
30) Bring my favorite worldwide adapter that’s compatible in the US, UK, EU, and Australia. Pack your voltage converter in your luggage, it’s so heavy! But at least you’ll be able to use your laptop without worrying about frying it.

Don’t try to work on a plane…instead work on your visions, dreams, and ideas. Or just enjoy junk magazines, Real Housewives, and silly movies.

About the Author Alexandra Andersen

I founded Wine & Drama to make you laugh and help you learn all about wine, food, and living well. I love stinky cheese, my Nespresso machine, Loire Valley white wines, bold full-bodied reds, and championing ladies in winemaking.

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