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There are few things that I’m more passionate about than wine and that’s food.

So I’ve made an executive decision to include not just the fabulous wine reviews you’ve come to expect, but I’ll also share the best restaurants in places that I’ve explored.

One of my latest obsessions on my ever growing list are – “farm to table” restaurants.

Farm to table restaurants serve a seasonal menu based on what local farmers grow. As a diner you get an ever changing assortment of delicious fresh vibrant foods.

I know it’s a little self-serving, oh well. I love that I’m eating what a real farmer – not an agribusiness grew just for me (and a couple of other hundred people) to eat.

It makes me feel better and isn’t that a part of eating well?

When my partner in crime Shayne McClendon came down to the land of never-ending sunburn, I wanted to take her out to celebrate her three years of being an independent author and business owner. I found a delightful farm to table restaurant called District Table & Bar in Stuart, Florida.

If you are inclined to come down to Florida, don’t let it be said I never warned you. Florida for all intents and purposes is its own country.

Yes, it’s technically part of the United States, but people from Florida can go up against New Yorkers any day of the week in their uniqueness and attitudes. Half of Florida is from New York…just saying.

Florida is a mix of Spanish, Carribbean, French Canadian, European, estatic retirees, and rednecks all rolled into one happy knotty ball of culture. You’ll love it. I promise, don’t be scared by it, just embrace the wild and roll with it.

Stuart is on what’s known locally as the Treasure Coast. It’s about an hour north of Palm Beach, Florida. Stuart is the land of old rich white people that boat, fish, and generally avoid their children who live in northern climates.

Only in Stuart will you have dinner next to the country club set compete with vintage Lily Pulitzer dresses, popped collars, helmet hair, and Chanel bags while seated across from you will be a millionaire dressed like a beach bum in a bleached out Panama Jack t-shirt from 1995 and ripped jean shorts.

You’ll also encounter someone who looks like they just woke up at six o’clock and rolled out bed. This specimen will eat out to avoid cooking and then crawl back in bed afterwards (lucky bastard). Don’t let the locals scare you, they’re harmless I promise.

How to Have the Perfect Dinner Date

To me the perfect dinner date truly happens with your best friend. It’s just easy and delightful, because your best friend is usually always on the same mental thought process or level of crazy you are on at any given time.

Mindless chatter with your sister from another mother, check.

Giddiness at not having to censor yourself on a first date, yes please.

You don’t have to worry about looking greedy when you order the cheese plate and another appetizer.

There’s no judgement about how much wine you’ll drink. Best of all if you get sloppy drunk, she’ll drive you home and not think that you’re a straight up lush.

how to have a perfect dinner date

I enjoy dinner dates with my female friends because, although I love men, the vibe is simpatico. We’re both there to enjoy the food and the conversation.

I can have multiple foodgasms and swoon over how the pork was brined without having to worry about if I’m just the right amount of sexy / interesting on this date.

The perfect dinner date means that anything can be said and usually is…

So, I choose District Table & Bar in Stuart, Florida for my BFF date. The restaurant is set in a simple non-descript shopping plaza.

Inside it’s bustling, cozy and warmly lit. You can see the kitchen from any table and the enthusiasm of the servers lets you know this is going to be a great dining experience.

As we sat down we were greeted by a ruggedly handsome waiter named Nathan. Dressed in his dark button down shirt and jeans, I imagined he worked on an organic co-op farm in his spare time where he lifted giant bushels of tomatoes and worked the soil with his bare hands.

My dream came true when Shayne started to flirt with him (discreetly interview him for a story of hers that he would later make an appearance in unbeknownst to him). He did indeed work on one! By the end of the night, Shayne and I were plotting how we could stop by and “visit” him at his second job or house.

District Table & Bar Restaurant Review – Multiple Foodgasms and Great Wine

District Table & Bar in Stuart, Florida is a memorable place, the specials change constantly based on what the local farms are able to provide to the restaurant.

We started our meal with two very alcoholic cocktails and deviled eggs.

I don’t know what golden chickens laid these eggs but this was clearly no deviled egg that I had ever tasted. Strange wonderful forces were at work here. The egg filling was silky and mousse like in texture and kissed a hint of sweet pickled tang.

I ordered the bone marrow for dinner. After our cheese plate and appetizer, huge caveman sized bones were placed before me with toasted slices of baquette.

Eating perfectly cooked bone marrow is almost a religious experience. If you’ve never had it, I can describe it as eating butter in a roasted condensed form that’s made of beef. Scoop it out and smear it on your toast, the rich unctuous taste of this bone marrow gave me my first foodgasm of the night.

The wine selection at District is fabulous. Our waiter paired my bone marrow with a smooth oaky Cabernet that cut through the richness of my dish and went down so easily I ordered another glass without realizing it. Sadly, I don’t remember the name because I had another foodgasm and temporarily lost my memory.

My perfect dinner date had the sweet tea fried chicken with crack sauce. We swooned over this chicken like no other.

When you eat at District the cooking is based in the Southern roots and nothing is what it seems.

Even if you read off the menu something as simple as fried chicken…just be warned this ain’t your momma’s fried chicken.

I don’t know what those adorable chefs are conjuring in the kitchen. But they take a dish that you think you know and transform into something spectacular.

I’m not a fan of chicken, but I would convert for that – I have never tasted chicken like that in my life. They serve it with something called crack sauce. Indeed. Don’t eat this sauce. I’m saying this as a friend, because you will be addicted to it.

Keep your wits about you my friend, because you’ve got to restrain yourself from hugging the waiter. The food at District is slap your southern momma delicious. (Not that I advocate slapping your mother or anyone else’s but it’s that good.)

I recommend you brave the heat, get down to the Treasure Coast, and visit District Table & Bar today.

About the Author Alexandra Andersen

I founded Wine & Drama to make you laugh and help you learn all about wine, food, and living well. I love stinky cheese, my Nespresso machine, Loire Valley white wines, bold full-bodied reds, and championing ladies in winemaking.

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