Heirs of Infinity – Exclusive Series: Webisode #1

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Helena woke up face-down in warm pink sand. How long was she unconscious?

Painfully, she turned over, found a small patch of clean skin, and wiped the sand out of her mouth.

She sat upright and watched the shallow cuts on her arms heal. Tiny wood splinters popped freely from the skin of her legs.

Helena remembered cannonball blasts, the stink of sulfur, and the sting of his saber as it slashed into her arm. He set her ship on fire.

Angered she swung her axe squarely at his head, intending to cut it off. She narrowly missed and caught his shoulder instead.

He stumbled backwards stunned. “It’s only because I love you and tell you the truth that you want to kill me most of the time.” Then he lurched forward and threw himself overboard into a waiting rowboat.

Twenty gunpowder barrels exploded at once and her hair caught fire. The force of the blast hurled her overboard and she grabbed an oak plank flying past.

She crashed into the warm turquoise water. Her vision blurred and everything faded to black.

The cuts healed as she ran her fingers over her scalp and in mere hours, the scars would be gone. Her waist-length black hair grew back during the night.

Helena walked towards a thicket of palm trees and heard the sounds of civilization. She steadied herself and squared her shoulders, relieved to see a woman.

A man would be problematic in her current state of undress.

A middle-aged woman stood hunched over a wooden bucket, scrubbing laundry on a washboard. She looked up as Helena’s shadow fell over her. Her mouth gaped open and she dropped the fabric.

Heirs of Infinity - Free Flash Fiction Stories

Heirs of Infinity – Free Flash Fiction Stories

“Excuse me, good woman. Do you know where I may borrow a dress?” she asked.

The woman nodded. “Yes, yes. My lady, what happened to you? Are you hurt?”

“Kind woman, if you would procure me a dress to wear?” She did not attempt to hide her body or answer the question. The woman scurried off and returned moments later with a worn dress.

“Thank you. What is your name?” The dress was too small but it would have to do.


“I am Helena. May I trouble you for a drink of water and a bit of bread as well?”

“Oh no trouble my child, follow me.”

Helena smiled at the thought of being called a child. She was 3,600-years-old.

“Matilda, where are we?”

“You in Bermuda,” the woman answered in confusion.

“Matilda, may I ask another question?”

“Yes, lady.”

“What day is it?”

“It’s Thursday my child, the year of our lord 1606, the third day of August.”

“Thank you, Matilda.”

339 Years Later…

Helena climbed over the barbed wire fence and dived into the muddy trench below moments before the armed guard walked past. She hated the cold and being jailed in Nazi-occupied Germany didn’t appeal to her.

If she found him alive, she’d murder him once and for all this time. He was always more trouble than he was worth. She slowly opened her palm and looked down at the grenade secure in her grip.

She crawled on her stomach and endured the slime of cold mud that seeped into her fatigues. She slid feet-first down the drainage pipe. So far, the map was accurate.

Of course, he would be in solitary confinement. He never knew when to shut up.

She peeked through the open slot in the door and saw him sitting cross-legged on the ground. Jade green eyes meditated on the wall in front of him.

“It took you long enough to find me.” He spoke without breaking his focus. The days were scratched out on the cell wall. Today was the twelfth day.

“On three, cover your ears,” Helena told him.

The iron cell door blew off its hinges. Alarms rang and sirens blared. She unlocked his shackles.

He stood and clutched her face in his freed hands. Soldiers scrambled overhead.

“I’m always waiting for you.”He kissed her and she cupped his shaved head with her palm, touching her forehead to his.

“Isin, are you hurt?” She pulled back and traced her fingers over the raw rope burns.

“Only when I’m without you,” Isin whispered hoarsely. They had attempted to strangle him. Bullet holes pierced his prison uniform. The wounds had healed and only the bloodstains remained.

Helena’s hazel eyes clouded over. “I seem to remember in Bermuda when I tried to cut off your head, you got away just fine without me then.”

“That’s the problem with you women. You forgive but you never forget.” He grinned broadly and raked a large hand through her hair. She closed her eyes for a moment and he gently lifted her chin. She met his gaze.

“Enough of your sweet talk. Let’s go before they try to kill us both.”

Heirs of Infinity

Helena and Isin have loved and hated one another for over 4,000 years. An inexplicable force binds them together and is the key to their survival. Yet the passage of time threatens to tear them apart. Will the last two immortals on earth, be the death of each other or civilization?

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